D McNair & Son Shipping Ltd


As the only ship agency company based within the Port of Campbeltown, and only 200 meters from the main comme...

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Dry/wet cargo

Experienced and comfortable in dealing in either wet or dry cargoes – our staff offer the same dedicated agency service.

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Rope handling

Our organisation is pro-active and experienced within the Port of Campbeltown of the potentially hazardous operation of rope....

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The shipping company was established formally in 2002.

However, the shipping operation had been long established and was born from the core business, D.McNair & Son - established since 1903.

The core business was established and operated by the McNair family until 1966, when it changed ownership to the Shaw family.


Donald Shaw operated and owned the business until his death in 1985. Since then the business has been under the stewardship of his son Alan.


With a continual need to adapt to an ever changing environment it was decide to separate the two entities and form the two distinctly different companies.



Campbeltown Port Information

  • Berths:

    New Quay – East, 90m long.

    New Quay West – 120m long

  • Depth:

    New Quay – East, 5m

    New Quay West – 5.5m

  • Pilotage:

    Available upon request, operated by Campbeltown Pilotage Limited

  • Cranes:

    A range of crane capabilities can be sourced. New Quay can support up to a 1000t crane.

  • Fresh Water/Power:

    Available at all berths on New Quay.