D McNair & Son Shipping Ltd

Rope Handling


Our organisation is pro-active and experienced within the Port of Campbeltown of the potentially hazardous operation of rope and wire handling.


Fully coded and certificated vessels, crewed by experienced personnel assure the client of our responsibilities and obligations.


Not only are we engaged in rope handling, but we can also provide and source, personnel transfer vessels and tugboats – (ranging from 5 tonne bollard pull up to 75 tonnes bollard pull.)


























Campbeltown Port Information

  • Berths:

    New Quay – East, 90m long.

    New Quay West – 120m long

  • Depth:

    New Quay – East, 5m

    New Quay West – 5.5m

  • Pilotage:

    Available upon request, operated by Campbeltown Pilotage Limited

  • Cranes:

    A range of crane capabilities can be sourced. New Quay can support up to a 1000t crane.

  • Fresh Water/Power:

    Available at all berths on New Quay.